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Name Law Firm / Business Distinctions Quote

Maria Alberdeston

Silvia Aranjoy

Alice Baquet, Esquire

Law Office of Alice Baquet

Luis Basagoitia, Esquire

Law Office of Luis Basagoitia

Amy Beauchaine, Esquire

Law Office of Amy Beauchaine

Paul Bedinghaus

Michele Bernard, Esquire

Holistic Legal, P.A.

Bernard Buoncardi

Warren Channel, Esquire

Channell Law Firm, P.A.

Tania Colon, Esquire

Law Office of Tania Colon

Todd Corder

Kim Corder

Michael Cortes, Esquire

Michael Cortes, P.A.

Robert Drean, Esquire

Rose Feller

Jen Ferguson

David Flaxer, Esquire

Vanessa Gayden, Esquire

Gayden Law Firm

Ann Marie Gilden

Law Office of Ann Marie Gilden, P.A.

John Gillespie, Esquire

Rebecca Jacobs

Ingrid Keller, Esquire

Ingrid Keller, P.A.

Sonya LaBosco

Retired Supervisory Fed. Marshal, Department of Homeland Security

Samuel Lea, Esquire

Law Office of Samuel T. Lea

Robert Lee, Esquire

Law Office of Robert E. Lee

Scott Leitner, Esquire

First GREEN Bank

Lusan Llabona, Esquire

The Llabona Law Group, P.A.

Nelson Llabona, Esquire

The Llabona Law Group, P.A.

Steve Marsee, Esquire.

Law Office of Steve Marsee, P.A.

Craig McCarthy, Esquire

Law Office of Craig McCarthy

Neal McShane, Esquire

McShane & McShane Law Firm

Meghan McShane-Davis, Esquire

McShane & McShane Law Firm

Germaine Micheo

Christina Miner, Esquire

Giles & Robinson, P.A.

Mark Modarres

Michael Palacios

Jason Palinkas

Erika Palinkas

Harry Shaffer

Retired Navy Captain

Mark Skipper, Esquire

Law Office of Mark Skipper

Barbara St. John

Paul St. John, Esquire

St. John Law, P.A.

Tina St. John

Wayne Starr, Esquire

Wayne Starr. P.A.

Patricia Tumarkin, Esquire

Tumarkin & Burns, P.A.

Moses Virella

Michael Waranch, Esquire

Hurley, Rogner, Miller, Cox & Waranch, P.A.

Jan Williams, Esquire

Lapin & Leichtling, LLP

Donna Zmijewski, Esquire

Law Office of Jason Weissman-Hartford